1951: Fire Department founded. Fire levy passed and first pumper and tanker purchased.

1998: NJFD establishes EMS services to the community.

1999: NJFD appoints Tony Tidd as first full-time paid Fire Chief.

2005: Department receives grant for $52,000 to replace and upgrade SCBA’s.

2006: The department receives $26,000 grant to build a generator for the fire station to utilize during power outages.

2009: Department receives grant for $4,500 to purchase bunker gear washer.

2012: Doug McDaniel appointed Fire Chief after more than 15 years of service as the Assistant Chief.

2013: Fire Department establishes part-time program and begins staffing the station with 2 certified firefighter/EMT’s Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2015: Received $86,000 grant to upgrade cardiac monitor, communication radios, and purchase 6 full new sets of bunker gear.

2016: Received $20,000 grants to upgrade stair chair and purchase a video laryngoscope and auto chest compression device.

Over the last 10 years the department has received grants totaling over $125,000 to purchase new rescue, EMS, and fire equipment as well as education classes for various members’ certifications.

Department Fire Chiefs

1950 – 1972 Mel Storer

1972 – 1974 Don Tidd

1974 – 1975 Bill Waddell

1975 – 1979 Doug McDowell

1979 – 1988 James Steward

1988 – 1989 Ron Mangan

1989 – 1992 Denny Sargent

1992 – 1996 Tom Jones

1997 – 2012: Tony Tidd

2012 – Present: Doug McDaniel

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